Sunday, May 20, 2018

How To Make China to Be not Aggressive

With all the current buzz about China being too aggressive by militarizing the South China Sea which include the West Philippine Sea, the world can still make China not to be too aggressive. I think these are the best ways to do it:

1. Send all Chinese back to their homeland. Would you believe that it took China just a decade to overtake the Filipinos as the biggest Asian community in the USA alone? The Philippines took almost 5 decades to send 3M Pinoys to the US. This could have been possible because most Chinese found their way through Canada and then went to the US.

2. Ignore Chinese presence all over the world. Do not buy China made product. By doing this, Robinsons, SM, and other big mall operators will lose their commercial viability since 80% of their products come from China, not to mention the owners.

3. DO not be an opportunist. Just because someone is rich you will want to accept his marriage proposal. Just because you are poor and it is your chance to become rich is not an excuse that you will not be labled as opportunist.

4. Maintain closer relationship with your allies and rely more on locally produced goods. Stop importing too much, even if the locally made products are inferior in terms of quality or more expensive, always remember that if you buy China made products, you are killing your country. The country should support R&D in electric motors and batteries to make electric vehicles. We already know how to manufacture solar panels so we can already achieve energy sufficiency. By doing this we can cut our imports by 50% since most of our imports are gasoline and energy related products.

5. Convince the US to ban all imports/exports to China like weapons, electronics, raw materials, chemicals, machineries, etc. The world could be at worst killing itself if they keep on buying products from China.

6. Ban all tourists coming from China even if they come from Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, Malaysia, or Taiwan. Chinese make up 20% of the population in South East Asia so be cautious about dealing with these countries. And even with this huge communities, fellow South East Asians should be aware of their presence and the future of their country. I think the local Chinese are also competing with Pinoys in obtaining US visas that is why it has become very to difficult to obtain US visa.

7. Ban Chinese ownership in strategic and important industries like Airline, Telecommunications, Broadcasting, Infrastructure Development. Look at what happened to the last purchased of MRT trains, until now those trains are not yet being used, the people behind those must be prosecuted and should be made liable and labled as terrorists.

8. You can not rely on the US as an ally since they have very healthy economic relationship with China and they look at the Philippines as a tiny country and of no significance to world affairs so why rely on US for military help? Why haven't Pinoys developed weapon systems that could have served as the source of the country's strength? It could not just have been more than that, the Government could have generated jobs. Or exported those weapons to support the local economy.

Sunday, May 13, 2018

5 Indications that the IT Project is Fake

I got involved with different types of IT projects over the years and got scammed several times and wanted to share this based on experience. If you are in the same field you will agree with this too. Here are the 5 indications that the IT project is fake:

1. Measure the number of errors of the documents being handed to you. Yes, they are not Americans so it is an excuse to write carabao English or is it because they were hired for another reason? Errors(excluding those grammatical errors) in Technical Designs are those that are written to too specific. Instead of just writing: "Return an error if the customer code is not maintained in SAP Master Data"; the pretentious Technical Architect would write: "After obtaining customer code, you must check if the customer code exist in table lfa1". They should not be involving themselves in specifics but should just concentrate on higher level description and the different business scenarios. Giving too specific instructions would lead to more confusions and the programmer would just cut and paste which could lead to a more prolonged test period and you can not blame the programmer since you are invading his territory which he would immediately assume you are in full command which make their job a whole lot easier. Programming entails a lot of careful planning and meticulous design to produce a highly optimized solution. And giving too much information means you are the one who planned it and it is your design and not the programmer. There are a lot instance and I would say a major challenge to describe a certain specification and to hurdle such challenges, creativity and of course your competency is the key. The preparation of Technical Documents and Functional Specifications are more expensive than doing the actual programming or coding so you must realize that being a TA or BA or FA, you can already relax because you are on top of the Software Development Life Cycle, well that is where you are wrong.

2. Measure the competence of your peers. Do this secretly, if all your peers are female, you should begin to suspect something is going on.

3. Frequency of work and how fast it should be done and how many people have the same position like you have. Begin observing how they behave and all your movement must be calculated. The world's resources is scarse.

4. Other than your peers, how does the company's employees behave and the surrounding environment, how was it? Do they start offering other services or want to offer except that they just keep looking at you?

5. There are other circumstances where it is up to you to interpret which can trigger something in you that you think violates certain moral standards, do not ignore it. Your instincts does not lie to you.

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Agencies In Metro Manila still Flourishes

Agencies(Companies who's clients are Companies that do not want to have regular employees) still flourishes in Metro Manila.This in spite of the fact that Pinoys opted to vote for a semi illiterate President who promised to eradicate contractualization.

Contractualization destabilizes livelihood of individuals. It makes the person in constant struggle to find decent jobs. It really makes me angry to hear recruiters having fun to find a guy that is willing to accept jobs on a contractual basis. This is what overloading of buses is like. Constant struggle just to get a place so that one can go home it's because there are no decent jobs on the country side, people are poor and have no knowledge to create opportunities and big companies take advantage of this situation. This vulnerability that is exposed for all scammers to take advantage of is what makes Agencies flourish. Even IT companies aka Agencies are there. They survive on big Companies that are not willing to hire employees and regularized them. I understand that they are poor but why do they make use of technology that they can't afford anyway? It is because they take advantage of the poor.

This is an unfair competition, one should be aware of this and should be able to crate a way to equalize or balance the competition. One should be aware that life is a like a rolling wheel, one may be on top today but he is not sure what is going to happen in the future. There is always a balancing force as one becomes powerful that is when the opposition intensifies their effort to ovethrow him.

Monday, April 23, 2018

Breath Fresh Air anytime with Breath Happy Multi Function Airpurifer

The air we breath is getting dirtier each day. Based on the study conducted by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the air inside a home might be two to five times more contaminated with pollutants, be it animal dander, cigarette smoke, or soot.

Enter the air purifier. They can be hugely beneficial for allergy and asthma sufferers, as well as anyone who lives near major highways or other pollutant-filled areas, like coal plants. The best ones use fans to cycle air through a series of filters, capturing impurities and jetting clean air back into the room. Choosing the right one comes down to its CADR rating — the measurement for how well an air purifier actually works. Aside from that, the right type of filter — a true HEPA is key — and making it sure it can accommodate the size of room you want will have you breathing easy.

Breath Happy Air purifier performs way above the minimum expectations set by CADR because it uses several air filtration stages.It is also equipped with UV Light and IONizer to ensure that bad odors and contaminant are eliminated effectively.

Here are the images:

Ideally, air purifiers can remove the existing air contaminants but it is not finite, so for example the pollution directly comes from the exhaust of a car, the device due to its small size could not do miracle to remove all pollution coming from the car. It is better to get rid of the source first but does not yet guarantee that the car is only the source there are other sources inside the house and these sources does not produce air pollution as fast as the car or the smell from your neighbors while they are cooking. This is where the device can perform well. Another observation I found while using the device is that it could not suck in the air inside a room it needs an assistance from an electric fan to effectively keep the air circulating inside the room so that all air particles and contaminants will be constantly moving and as they go near the device, they get sucked in and purified.

I used to live in a neighborhood wherein I forget to close the window, some people will intentionally leave their car running the whole night just below my window or someone will smoke or cook a food that emits really pungent odor. So each night, I make sure that the whole room is sealed with very little air from out side coming in and I use this airpurifier device to get rid of any remaining air pollutants and of course an electric fan to keep the room cool and keep the air circulating.

I dont expect everybody to experience the same thing I did but as this device is necessary for any circumstances since there is car everywhere, people cook their food, people smoke, there paints on the walls and all over the house.

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Electronic Device Assembly Business

Nowadays with the miniaturization of machines, small businessmen or engineers with brilliant ideas can easily compete with the giant players. Production machines used to be available only to people with huge funds has become cheaper and people that can afford to buy a car can easily invest their money in these machines to start an electronics assembly business from pcb fab to enclosure. And the best part is all these machines can easily fit on a small apartment.

The machines needed to start the business are the folliwing:

1. Design and Prototyping Equipments

  • Personal Computer
  • Mini Cnc(90mm x 120mm work area) for pcb prototyping
  • 3d Printer for the prototyping of enclosures
  • Laser Cutter for enclosure porotyping
  • Oscilloscope/Multimeter and other tools
  • CAD Software

2. Production Machines

  • Pick and Place Machine
  • Cnc Router-300*400
  • Reflow Oven
  • Pcb Stencil Printer
  • Mini Plastic Injection Machine
  • Laser Cutter- 300*400

All the above mentioned machines could only cost about the same price as a brand  new Toyota Vios or less than 1Million pesos.

The business is ideal for contract manufacturing or would cater to the market where inventors require to produce less than 100 units for experimenting how their product will be accepted by their target market. This market segment is where I belong because I have very limited budget. Based on my experience, the creation of the plastic mould itself is already unaffordable because it would cost around Php100,000(this is made in China because somebody has told me that the mould used in mineral water bottle caps was worth Php 375000 done locally) already and the manufacturer only accept a minimum of 1000 units. Plastic moulds can already be 3d printed because there are filaments that only melts at 210 degrees celcious while thermo plastics(the material used in plastic injection) easily melts at 130 degrees.

The equipments are also ideal and must haves for every school and/or  Univerisities because these machines are also being used by the industry so it is good for students to have hands on experience and if they have access to this equipments they will be encourage to be creative and who knows they could produce new products that could become like Samsung or Apple someday. The sales of both companies is enough to make the Phillippines become a very rich country.

Monday, February 19, 2018

Create a powerful Bluetooth based Network of Beacons

Beacons are not just for increasing sales or giving out more interactive physical environment to enhance user's experience. Beacons can be a powerful tool to detect patterns before a major catastrophe can happen resulting in the protection of properties and life.

A network of sensors for monitoring temperature and humidity, detect if an object has moved when should not have moved, an employee forgot to close the window or door, an employee stayed too long at the pantry or know how many customers checked a certain product are just a few of the useful data that can be collected with the networked beacons.  

The above figure shows all the necessary beacon types one will need to implement a networked beacons. 

Here are the actual images of the sensors and the gateway:

The Kit:(This is a great package to test a lot of use case scenarios. Available at olx.)

The Kit includes the following beacons(excluding the Apps Factory Beacon):


Size: 90 x 60 x 4 mm
Ibeacon Only
Disposable(Battery can not be replaced)
This is an ideal substitute to rfid badges

Size: 72 x 72 x 18mm
Ibeacon + EddyStone
External ON/OFF switch
Battery can be replaced


Size: 42.5 x 23.5 x 5.3mm
Ambient Light Sensor
Battery can be replaced


Size: 150 x 150 x 36mm
Bluetooth to Wifi Gateway
MicroUSB Power Input(5V1A)

Size: 72 x 45 x 22mm
Ibeacon Only
200m Range
Battery can be replaced

Size: 50 x 50 x 15mm
Ibeacon + EddyStone + Accelerometer
External On/Off Switch
Battery can be replaced


Size: 70.6 x 38 x 17.8mm
Ibeacon Only + EddyStone + Temperature + Humidity Sensor
Battery can be replaced

Apps Factory Beacon with Buzzer:

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

IT Company and Manpower Agency

An IT Company develops its own products and sells them to end users. They own the copyrights and their products are original.

A Manpower Agency recruits individuals and deploy them to their so called "client". These manpower agencies always dominate job sites and facebook groups for programmers.

There is a big question why manpower agencies name their companies as IT Companies to disguise themselves as IT Companies. A big question is why do they do this? This tactics originates from the USA and usually funded by the Chinese with Indians as their partners where ponzi schemes abounds.

I was lured into this because I was really in need of money and these scammers offers job with no interviews but offers no security but I was in it for the quick cash and I am not ignorant that these people are actually scammers they will say they are an IT Company which I dont believe or shoyld I say never believed at all. These are usually females walking all over the metro they easily fill in any available space like when you're eating at a mall and there is a vacant seat, 99% of the time, it will be filled up by a female recruiting or selling anything under the sun or when you ride an fx or jeepney, 99% of the passengers is always females. I am not a female hater I have just observed that their numbers is way too much to take. It is just too abnormal and vommiting. My mom does not go out much nor my relatives nor our neighbors. Is living in a small space makes them go out and hunt for something all the time? Is there someone that tells them they should always stay on the street? I dont see them buying, they just walk all over  and keep on riding public transport. I just wonder what they feed on.

These females are so proud of their jobs, I've read an article written by these females and they think of themselves as IT managers as she wrote, the client complained that she gave them a junior but they asked for a senior. I just could not imagine that they treat programming jobs as a commodity this female described in her article how she was able to pull out the junior and replaced him with a senior. It was a glorified scamming scheme and yet she's so proud of it.

I applied for a job at a certain tech company and not surprised that all recruiters again are females, but did not succeeded because it was not my primary skills and had not used it professionaly.

While on my way home, a female sat beside me and during our journey she put her sweaty arms on top of my legs which is very unusual. She also pretends looking at her cellphone but was somewhat wants to tell me something, this behavior is somewhat similar to those females in the office of the client of the agency that I am referring to in this post. (As I recall correctly when I am still working at the agency's client, there is not a day where their females keep looking at me as if I am a walking cash)I was waiting for her to say something but the vehicle stopped and a passenger got out so I immediately stayed away from this female and a manong sat between us. After a few minutes a sports car passed by and the female looked at me as if she wants me to buy her a sports car, that made me conclude that she was a well you know. She could have been tracking me and the "sitting beside me" incidence is not a coincidence. She could have been tracking me even when I am still at the office where I am applying. I heard that outsourcing from foreign clients usually involves in sex trade, but not all of course but with this incident, I am not surprised.

Even when I was on an airplane going to Thailand which was almost 10yrs ago, those Pinay looking ladies at the airplane exhibited similar behavior. They see single traveling male as a walking cash. This is why HIV is getting a big problem besause a lot of companies are very discreet, they should show their true colors to prevent hiv.