Saturday, July 23, 2011

My LG 32LD330 and CIGNAL HD -- really so WOW!!!

I signed up for CIGNAL High Definition programming service. I have chosen the post paid plan because there were 9 high definition channels available. I signed up to justify that my LG 32LD330 is already outdated and it needs to be replaced with a bigger size 46" Devant 3D capable tv but upon seeing its performance, I think the picture quality is still at par with the best and therefore I decided to keep it for at least 1 year more. Watching high definition programs provided by CIGNAL can really glue me inside my apartment because the viewing experience that the LG 32LD330 is amazing!

Yesterday, I had a freaky experience, my Php 15000 18k gold necklace was almost stolen! Thank God, the necklace and the pendant did not fell, it cling on to my walking sports shorts when the thief supposedly should have just picked it from the ground where he had hooked my necklace from my neck to remove it from my neck and he expects it to fall on the ground. That technique is done in split seconds. Luckily it did not fell. I did not know that it fell not until I went out in my apartment short after I arrived to buy a bottle of mineral water. I touched my neck while paying to check my necklace if it still there and then I did not feel its presence, so I panicked. Losing Php 15000 in 1 day is such a huge amount of money already, good enough for me to survive 2 months already. So quickly, I went back to my apartment hoping that the necklace just fell on the floor, and yes, I found it just in front of my 32LD330 tv. But the sad thing is my necklace was damaged.

Probably if I did not changed my shirt before I left my apartment, I could have lost my gold necklace forever. I am so lucky, the thief failed and probably will not able to eat his dinner and could have died of hunger, well too bad for him.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I need to choose between a gadget and a parrot

For so long now, I have been thinking of getting me a nice Blue Naped Parrot, a bird that can only be found in the Philippines. The nice things about this parrot is that it can learn how to talk and is a lot smarter than dogs, grows much bigger than my cockatiels and the most important of them is I like the green colors.

But while I am on my 1 hr break this late afternoon, I don't know what came over me that in just a minute, I found myself inside an Apple store. I was like just looking at the MacBook Pro bat was not impressed, then I looked at the Ipad 2, but it is not windows based, then I looked at the gigantic 27" Big Mac and found it too expensive and I saw the MacBook Air, and wow, so good looking, I want it!

I could not make up my mind. I know it is a very hard decision to make and this really should give me a lot of sleepless nights.

Update: I checked the blue-naped parrot in Cartimar (the silicon valley version of pets) here in the Philippines and found 1 vendor so I interviewed him for almost two hours asking him how should I take of them, why do they sell when they are still babies and played with them for awhile coz they're so adorable but I decided not buy them because first, I have a day job and I will not be able to feed it on time and might be putting him at risk. So instead, I bought a third pied male cockatiel. My reason for buying this cockatiel is because it so adorable and he's already tamed so it will be easy for me gain his trust and soon I can let him out of the cage and play with him or teach some nice tricks just like what I see in youtube where the cockatiels are taught to sing, talk or perform some tasks that can differentiate them from dogs when it comes to intelligence. With the new release of MacBook Air mid-2011 version, I am thinking of buying the 4Gb, Dual Core i7 model in the near future. With this new version, perhaps it will be very difficult to say that it be obsolete in 3 years time.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

My Gadget Blog is now PR2

I am not doing anything to promote my blog. I just join forums related to gadgets and attach my blog's url to my signature. This is really amazing. But anyway google could have seen something valuable in my blog that I am not aware of.

So here are some updates on my previous blogs:

1. My 2 Munias
I have set the green munia free because the brown munia died. This happened more than a month ago. I don't know why the brown munia died. I never noticed he is suffering a disease. As a conclusion, it mysteriously died. But anyway, I have replaced them with a pair of lutino cockatiel. I bought them from BioResearch in SM North EDSA. BioResearch is the biggest chain of pet shop/store in the Philippines. I am currently taming them and yeah the male cockatiel enjoys already to fly over my hands. Cockatiels can live up to 20 years and can learn how to whistle and sometime talk.

Here is how cockatiels look like:

2. Gold Prices
Gold prices went down by as much as $60 since the last 3 weeks and then bounced back to its original level when I first wrote about it. Some industry experts said that the psycological level is $1570 per ounce. If gold price reach this price, then there will be a huge probability that the price will continue to rise up to $1650 per ounce by the end of the year. But dont buy gold just to watch the trends, it sucks.

3. Another secret I found to buy cheap Gold
There are so many pawnshops in Metro Manila if not in the whole Philippines. If you can notice, most of them display gold jewelries. These are real gold jewelries and most of the time they sell it much cheaper than ordinary jewelry shops. And you can easily ask them questions that are usually can not be answered by jewelry shops like what is the weight in grams, if you will pawn it to them, how much would it be, and usually it is Php200 lower that their selling price, so you practically just converting your money into Gold. But you are just not converting your money, you are like investing your money to earn more money, LOL.