Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I need to choose between a gadget and a parrot

For so long now, I have been thinking of getting me a nice Blue Naped Parrot, a bird that can only be found in the Philippines. The nice things about this parrot is that it can learn how to talk and is a lot smarter than dogs, grows much bigger than my cockatiels and the most important of them is I like the green colors.

But while I am on my 1 hr break this late afternoon, I don't know what came over me that in just a minute, I found myself inside an Apple store. I was like just looking at the MacBook Pro bat was not impressed, then I looked at the Ipad 2, but it is not windows based, then I looked at the gigantic 27" Big Mac and found it too expensive and I saw the MacBook Air, and wow, so good looking, I want it!

I could not make up my mind. I know it is a very hard decision to make and this really should give me a lot of sleepless nights.

Update: I checked the blue-naped parrot in Cartimar (the silicon valley version of pets) here in the Philippines and found 1 vendor so I interviewed him for almost two hours asking him how should I take of them, why do they sell when they are still babies and played with them for awhile coz they're so adorable but I decided not buy them because first, I have a day job and I will not be able to feed it on time and might be putting him at risk. So instead, I bought a third pied male cockatiel. My reason for buying this cockatiel is because it so adorable and he's already tamed so it will be easy for me gain his trust and soon I can let him out of the cage and play with him or teach some nice tricks just like what I see in youtube where the cockatiels are taught to sing, talk or perform some tasks that can differentiate them from dogs when it comes to intelligence. With the new release of MacBook Air mid-2011 version, I am thinking of buying the 4Gb, Dual Core i7 model in the near future. With this new version, perhaps it will be very difficult to say that it be obsolete in 3 years time.

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