Saturday, July 23, 2011

My LG 32LD330 and CIGNAL HD -- really so WOW!!!

I signed up for CIGNAL High Definition programming service. I have chosen the post paid plan because there were 9 high definition channels available. I signed up to justify that my LG 32LD330 is already outdated and it needs to be replaced with a bigger size 46" Devant 3D capable tv but upon seeing its performance, I think the picture quality is still at par with the best and therefore I decided to keep it for at least 1 year more. Watching high definition programs provided by CIGNAL can really glue me inside my apartment because the viewing experience that the LG 32LD330 is amazing!

Yesterday, I had a freaky experience, my Php 15000 18k gold necklace was almost stolen! Thank God, the necklace and the pendant did not fell, it cling on to my walking sports shorts when the thief supposedly should have just picked it from the ground where he had hooked my necklace from my neck to remove it from my neck and he expects it to fall on the ground. That technique is done in split seconds. Luckily it did not fell. I did not know that it fell not until I went out in my apartment short after I arrived to buy a bottle of mineral water. I touched my neck while paying to check my necklace if it still there and then I did not feel its presence, so I panicked. Losing Php 15000 in 1 day is such a huge amount of money already, good enough for me to survive 2 months already. So quickly, I went back to my apartment hoping that the necklace just fell on the floor, and yes, I found it just in front of my 32LD330 tv. But the sad thing is my necklace was damaged.

Probably if I did not changed my shirt before I left my apartment, I could have lost my gold necklace forever. I am so lucky, the thief failed and probably will not able to eat his dinner and could have died of hunger, well too bad for him.

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