Thursday, August 4, 2011

Taxi Cabs in 3rd World like Metro Manila

With the introduction of Official Receipts in 3rd World countries where it is such a challenge to earn a decent living, it is now easy to spot who is honestly earning for a living. It is really so fascinating how people would do anything to just to survive in a highly competitive world.

I have collected several Official Receicpts issued by 3 taxi cabs the past 3 days. The route is just the same but the difference is huge. I will leave the rest for my readers to interpret what is in the OR itself.

Taxi 1 Fare : Php 173.00 + Php 7.00(I gave him Php200 be he returned Php20.00 only and drove off quickly)

Taxi 2 Fare : Php 138.00 + Php 2.00(I gave him Php140 and did not bothered getting the change)
Taxi 3 Fare : Php 169.00 + Php 1.00(I gave him Php170.00 and did not bothered getting the change)

I am still puzzled why there is huge difference between the three OR's when the distance has not changed. I am so glad I still have my Olympus T100, it is so useful to take pictures as clear as those pictures shown  here.


  1. May be according to the shifts (Day or Night) the charges differ!
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