Monday, September 12, 2011

LITE-ON External DVD Burner

I thought I will be able to replace my Qube M1 Netbook 3 months ago so I have given my buffalo external dvd writer to a friend. Unfortunately, I decided not to replace my netbook until probably next year. It is still so much better than than the Lenovo Thinkpad T410 that my current employer gave as a service laptop. The Lenovo Thinkpad T410 does have a bright back led disdplay just like the Qube M1 netbook. But since I already know a burglar that does not steal but only looks around to sabotage my priced possessions, he recently hacked my netbook making it unable to boot because of the error 'Unmountable_Boot_Drive'. The only to reapir this error is to restore the netbook with the supplied restore dvd that the seller provided upon buying my Qube M1 netbook.

SO I desperately need an external dvd reader/writer again. So off I go to Cyberzone at SM Cubao and I found the LITE-ON External DVD burner. I wanted something small, bus powered, inexpensive, and the ability to burn a dual-layer DVD. This unit fit the bill so I pulled the trigger. It is absolute looks as good as my previous External Dvd reader.
One particularly nice touch: There is a slot on the underside of the unit which perfectly fits the USB cable when not in use, thus saving you some aggravation when storing the drive. No need to clumsily wrap the cable around the drive or look for it in your bag. This is great when you have to bring it you when you travel because it reduces clutter if you have several gadgets that you put in your bag. But not for me since I dont travel much at all.

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