Saturday, April 18, 2015

Using Ibeacons with Internet of Things(IoT) Devices

It's the 22nd century, it is the time when technology has improved so much that made living healthy and happy accompanied by convenience improved so much too. But there are certain issues like knowing in real time the food inventories inside the refrigerator for busy hardworking moms and dads that has yet to be addressed by technology even though these issues can be easily solved nowadays with the help of Ibeacons and Internet of Things(IoT) enabled Devices.
source:Smart Fidge

Let's have a look at the problems of storing foods and the current issues:

  1. Without proper monitoring, some foods inside the fridge gets rotten.
  2. Some of the foods even if not yet rotten, are already expired.
  3. You got surprised visits from friends or relatives.
  4. You know that your fresh milk needs to be replenished but you forgot because you are busy.
  5. Mom asked you to buy a rare vinegar but you forgot again
  6. You happen to drop by after an office hour in a huge grocery store, you are tired and exhausted and you find it too difficult to find the product that you are supposed to buy.
Here's how technology make things convenient:
  1. Get an IoT enabled refrigerator, it is a smart machine fully equipped with barcode scanners and connects to an inventory apps. You may choose to have this monitored by your personal food supplier and what they do is if they detected that you need to replenish your milk, they will either notify you and if you approve, they will instantly deliver the product to your door or you may eliminate the process of approving, and you just pay them on a monthly basis. 
  2. You found out that having a personal food supplier is too advance and that you enjoy going to the grocery to buy them by yourself but you are busy and needs some form of assistant to remind you. But luckily, grocery stores use ibeacons and they have an app that can also access the contents of the smart fridge, so if you happen to pass by the grocery, the app will instantly remind you that you need to replenish your fresh milk.
  3. Obviously, the smart fridge can detect if there are rotten or expired stocks and sends an alarm to your smart phone and  if you haven't taken any action, the grocery store or your personal food supplier can detect this and will send a reminder.
Aren't these ideas cool?

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  1. By combining IoT technology with cloud infrastructure, business processes and enterprise back-end systems, such as SAP, enterprises can monitor device status, detect error-trends or product usage patterns, trigger real-time alerts for replenishment (e.g. low stock notifications) or service requests and generate data-driven metrics to facilitate decision-making. These possibilities are real and SAP is enabling this new reality with proven technology, which is, in and of itself, pretty cool.