Monday, July 17, 2017

My Idea of a functioning IOT(internet of things) enabled Fridge

As I was browsing my own blog for reading pleasure, it came to my attention the article I wrote in April, 2015, Using Ibeacons with Internet of Things(IoT) Devices and I was challenged at how will ever a truly Iot enabled fridge be? What it can do or what it is capable of doing?

SAP a leading enterprise solution provider has a portfolio of products for IoT solutions that will enable business owners to track all of their equipments in real time and of course this include the cold storage equipment for beverages, but I still don't get it how will the machine be able to track of the inventory(with the exceptions of the vending machine)?

Like I said in my previous article, if I would analyze it, every household will be just like what enterprises do and with current technologies, they can enter into a contract with their suppliers  to supply them with their grocery items, things that they would normally buy, like milk, mineral water, fruit juices, eggs, butter, sodas, beers, and so on.

Probably, home equipments must be like vendo machines, each time you need a product, you just push a button, and it goes out and if it nears depletion, the machine will automatically send notification to the supplier and will immediately replenish the stock. If you feel like cooking, you select from available dishes, or you will have to schedule that in the morning you like to grill hotdog, and you want to roast ribs in the evening. So your suppliers can deliver in advance the ingredients you will need. In other words, you will create a list of dishes that you want cook for the upcoming week. This dishes are already on the items in the software, so all ingredients are stored in the system.

With this arrangements, people will not have enough reason to go out all the time and spend more time at home and enjoy quality time with the family.

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