Monday, September 25, 2017

I got a new CNC and I made a simple spindle dust hood

I have bought a mini desktop CNC. I need this CNC because I have sold the big cnc I had and planning to put an air purifier business but to make 1 air purifier, I would need a casing and to make a casing, I need laser cutting services which is very expensive so if I have my own small cnc, I could bring the price so low that I could beat the branded air purifiers not just in terms of very effective air cleaning but the pricing as well.

Ok, that solves my problem, and yes it can cut acrylic, but to use it, requires devices and add-ons to protect the cnc itself and prevent dust from flying all over my tiny place, that's why I came up with the idea of creating at least a dust hood for the spindle.

All the dusts and forces that makes the scatter and fly over the place is at the spindle, so having a dust hood at this area of cnc can help solve the problem by 90 to 100% .

Here is the cnc with my old raspberry pi 2:

My original plan was to use the cnc with the raspberry pi 2 and make a casing similar to this:

but the raspberry pi was very slow in transmitting gcode to the cnc so I scrapped the idea.

I started the project(making a dust hood for the spindle) last Sunday, and I was able successfully created a simple dust hood which is like below:

It passed all my tests, it can prevent dusts from flying and scattering all over the place. Efficiency is at 85% but installing and uninstalling is not easy and very inconvenient, so I separated the attachment and brush holder and went to a nearby machine to have them tapped and the result was awesome but very expensive. The machinist charged me Php800 but I haggled until we agreed at Ph600 which is still very expensive.

Here is the much closer look the new dust hood:

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