Saturday, December 16, 2017

Digital Passes Issuance App with Eddystone

Digital Passes although not widely used in the Philippines can be a great tool to lure more customers or reach more customers that can not be reached by traditional forms of marketing tools. And with the help of eddystones, you can promote your products 24hrs a day or even when you go to a party. I have made a post explaining in detail what digital passes are(Pass2U Pass Issuance Service Integrated with Ibeacons).

As we all know, eddystone signals can be detected by any smartphone when the Physical Web is enabled in that smartphone. So in this case, we can develop a webpage that can generate a digital pass(like a discount coupon or an event) so that when the owner of that smartphone clicks on the link displayed on the physical web screen, it will automatically download the digital pass.

This marketing tool can be effective if the eddystone is placed along the highway or you may always carry it along with you so even if you are not saying anything about your business, people will still get know about it.

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