Friday, January 28, 2011

Traveltime: Lingayen, Pangasinan

I recently visited this very historic place in the Philippines and I am not disappointed with what I saw. I really enjoyed my trip and want to share some pictures of what I saw. In general, the sprawling complex has so much to offer, it is not overcrowded with people, and there so many beautiful things that the eye can feast on.

The Capitol Bldg at night is such a beauty:
source: Reviving Urduja

This is the Pangasinan Capitol of the Architectural Treasures of the Philippines.

The front and back of the capitol building is a sprawling park. The Governor of the province is planning to transform the surrounding areas of the capitol grounds to be the next major Central Business District in the Philippines similar to Makati, Ortigas Center and Fort Bonifacio.

At ground level, the park is so green:

Aside from the Capitol Bldg and its park, there are also three other beautifully restored bldgs around it, these are the Urduja House, Sison Auditorium, the Capitol Resorts.

The Urduja House is the official residence of the governor, and here are some photos of it taken from another blog:

There is also a must see which is the interior of the Sison Auditorium(it is a mulitpurpose bldg suitable as a venue for theatrical plays and musicals, conventions and exhibitions, concerts, etc), which I think is perhaps 100% more beautiful than Metro Manila's CCP:


And here's another interesting view of the interior taken at a different angle:
source: Reviving Urduja
And finally, the Capitol Resort Hotel:


At the back of this building is the famous Lingayen Gulf and is the place of the most romantic and beautiful Sunset.

You can view this famous Sunset at the rooftop of the Capitol Building. I stayed there overnight and strolled early in the morning and jogged at their huge track and field stadium.

Their downtown is also a place of interest because there are 2 big malls and a lot of fast food restaurants like Jollibee and McDonald's.

Update: Lingayen Capitol Grounds has new tourist attraction: The Lingayen Baywalk is currently being extended to the adjacent town. 

And a new tourist wharf is being planned to be constructed along the baywalk:
update as of 4/21/2016:
The tourist wharf was cancelled but there are a few major tourism related projects that were currently implemented which includes the restoration of the Spanish-era Pangasinan Capitol Bldg, a new Limahong Museum along the Agno River and a high rise Condotel bldg.

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  1. Wow, there's a good place pala to visit in Pangasinan maybe we will consider this when we have our vacation.