Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Traveltime Again: San Carlos City, Pangasinan

San Carlos City in Pangasinan is such a lovely and vibrant urban area just like Pangasinan's capital town, Lingayen. I basically grew up and went to school in the area and after several years, I thought I should visit the place again check out how things are going over there, especially Virgen Milagrosa University Foundation, my Alma Mater. And I want to share the pictures I saw over the internet(and in facebook in particular) and yes they really look stunning just like what you will see in the following pictures and videos:

VMUF Campus:

Foreign students enjoying playing soccer inside the VMUF campus:

VMUF Commercial:
While inside the campus, I tried to browse the internet with mg Qube M1 Netbook through the schools 10MBPS WIFI service because I forgot to bring my cellphone and oh yeah, it was really blazingly fast. And speaking of cellphone, I really really love this very futuristic and very slick design:
The whole phone is made up of transparent plastic material...aint that so cool?


  1. Nice gadget to have, the photos are beautiful. I am now following this blog.