Sunday, March 13, 2011

LG 32LD330 is worth it!

Watching movies on a big screen tv is never the same with the LG 32LD330. It has been almost 3 months after I bought this outrageously large HDTV and so far, each time I turn it on to watch GMA's telenovelas, I could not help but stay in front of it until wee hours in the morning. Watching all sort of tv programs, and 720p DVD movies is really the best thing that can happen to a man's life.

This tv is very much responsible why my electricity bill shoot up to more than $30 in the past 3 months well because as I have mentioned earlier, it stays open for almost 12 hours straight daily. But that $30 is nothing if I had always gone out to the malls just to eat lunch and access the internet and play DOTA. Thanks to this lg lcd tv, I was able to save more than $2000 if I did spent my time at the malls.

I wonder if it could have been bigger? Something like an lg 42 lcd tv? Maybe it could have been so much better, but for now, I am still so happy this lg lcd tv.

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  1. 32" = Outrageously Large

    Ok, I'll ask - what is the adjective for 55in or 65in? It's all about the distance you sit from the TV by the way. My iPad in my lap looks bigger than a 50in 12 feet away.