Sunday, April 3, 2011

CD-R King Megabeat Sound Bar Speaker is really worth it!

I had been enjoying watching my favorite movies from my 32LD330 LCD TV via my Qube M1 netbook. I am so fascinated by the 720p resolution and it is so clear that it makes me really keep on watching it over and over despite the fact that the sound output is mono. And so I thought I really need a good speaker similar to what I saw in a popular appliance store in Ali Mall, a speaker soundbar. A speaker soundbar is basically a speaker with built-in amplier and gives 3D Surround Sound which is just as good a home theater offers.

I scouted around Araneta Center this morning searching for an affordable but high quality speaker sound bar and well, who else would have it but no other than CD-R King and they call it the Megabeat Sound Bar Speaker.

I am so glad that I bought it because it really meets my expectations. 3D Surround Sound is just what I needed and thats what it gives me aside from the not so loud sound that will not definitely annoy nor disturb my neighbors. The other thing I like about sound bar speakers is that they come in a very nice package and compliments my current hifi setup. It just looks like a dvd player. The one thing that disappoints me is that the 32LD330 is not capable of outputting its sound to an external speaker which can be inconvenient whenever I would want to quickly shift to watch TV shows. But that's just fine, I can live with it.


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  2. bro saang branch ng cdr king mo nabili yung speaker?
    interested din kasi ako eh, salamat :)