Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Best Way to Save Money

I did not noticed that for the past 2 weeks, I have been buying things like crazy. I have never realized that I am not saving any money at all and so I have been thinking what is the best solution to save money while not depriving myself from spending a lot of money. See the shopping bags I collected on my China made Tulip Chair.

I thought it is not wise to keep on buying electronic gadgets since these gadgets are just not so useful for me except the latest DSLR Cameras but then it is just too expensive for me so for now, I will still be so happy with my Olympus T-100. The advantage of buying useful electronic gadgets such as laptops, dslr's, video camera and cellphones is you get to use them so that you can become more productive and be more entertained but these electronic gadgets can be easily be outdated in just a few months and worse it depreciate very rapidly.

The second option which I think is also not a good idea based on my experience is buying cool furnitures. While there so many good looking pieces of furnitures which are designed to make home living more comfortable, it too are depreciates very rapidly just my China made Tulip chair which I bought 4 months ago from SM Homeworld. I did not know that it was made in China, not until the saleslady told where it came from just after I paid for it. I bought it because it is so good-looking but after a few days of using it, I felt that sitting on my old monobloc chair is more comfortable than sitting on my tulip chair. And worse, the chair earned its irrepairable crack even though I hardly use it. So I told myself, goodbye to my Php3600 which I could consider not well spent.

Then the 3rd option is buying jewelries and this seem to be the best option. Gold and Diamonds are as good as cash in the bank. It never depreciates and never lose its quality. In fact, it even gets more expensive every year. But to buy the real gold and diamonds, you should consider the reputation of the seller, you must be familiar with the current market value and trends. The best part is the buying experience. It really is fun and exciting. To check how much the real cost of the jewelry, say for example a 4 gms Italian 18k gold necklace,  a jewelry shop in Cubao, would normally sell it for Php2500/gram. The reason why they sell it for Php2500/gram is the storage fee(it is understandable they, the store owners, will not be able to sell it immediately so this is an added cost), the quality and labor cost in the creation of the jewelry itself, and lastly, the store owner needs to make some profit from selling the product. So, check the actual market trading value of gold which is currently at Php1850/gram. Multiply the Php1850/gram amount by 18/24(18 is the gold purity of the jewelry), which results to Php1387.5/gram. So, upon buying the jewelry, you already lost Php1112.5/gram assuming that you plan to sell the jewelry as scrap gold or in other words, you are selling the jewelry without taking into consideration the cost of assembling the jewelry, its sentimental value and age, 

then you will need to keep it for at least 10 years before you can recover the cost if there will be no financial crisis, prices of gold will increase constantly at 5% to 10% annually. But if you have bought it 5 years ago, the price of gold has increased by 125% because 3 years ago, there was the US financial crisis. It is not advisable to sell jewelries as scrap gold, because obviously, you loose lots of money. If you plan to sell the jewelry, look for jewelry shops that buys second hand jewelries, these shops usually buys jewelries much higher than scrap gold prices.

There is another way to save money from gold. I found a product in Amazon that can be cheaper than buying a gold jewelry. The gold bar is 24k and upon buying the gold, you will only lost at least $10/gram which means its only Php430.00 at the current exchange rate. The product link is as follows:

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