Sunday, May 1, 2011

In today's High Tech Gadgets, Automatic Watches still rules

Automatic Watches or popularly known as Mechanical Watches still remains the favorite of most people in spite of the latest innovations in electronics technology. I am still one of those people because I know that mechanical watches performs so much better and last much longer than the modern electronic watches not to mention the fact that automatic watches is considered as fine works of arts and assembled by hands of great craftsmen.

In today's technology, everyone can have watches that can do almost just about anything, there are electronic watches with camera, colored lcd screen, can monitor your blood pressure, can locate your locations, store appointments, watch television programs, store important documents, used as cell phones, tells where you are with gps technology and many many more. But still some people choose automatic watches.

The only reason behind this is that people value fine workmanship, the elegance and sophistication. But in my case, I have chosen an automatic watch because it already meets my requirements, I do not need all those fancy features since my lifestyle is very simple and I am not constantly on the move. And the Orient EEM78002WB is just perfect for me.


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