Sunday, December 11, 2011

What can you do with an Android Phone?

Android Phones has been around for quite sometime now but I always do not look at them seriously since these smart phones can never meet my computing requirements(that's what I used to think) because I assume that they are just refurbished Microsoft OS powered PDA's that became so popular in the previous decade(2000-2009) but are not really that functional because there were no abundant free software to really make them functional. I know this because I also owned an HP Ipaq 2210(a PDA with a CF Card and an SDIO card reader) and bought a bunch of accessories like GPRS Modem that enabled me to surf the internet wirelessly, an FM tuner, a wifi receiver, among others. Well, these PDA's never reached the masses and caught the attention of the huge Developer community because it was powered by Microsoft and obtaining the software development kit(SDK) will be too expensive.

But as soon as got hold of a demo unit at a Samsung concept store in Cyber Zone at SM North EDSA Annex, I came to realize that I was wrong. And with the release of the cheapest Android powered smart phone(Samsung Galaxy Y), I figured I really got to have it and off I went to Mall got a new Android phone.

After 2 days with my Samsung Galaxy Y, I am still not done exploring the huge features that are available on the phone itself. It is so fast, just as fast as my Qube M1 Netbook, I can watch youtube, it has built-in GPS so I always check and explore the map, I always check my email with it most of the time, I play music and videos with it, there over 1 million apps available in the Android Market and most of them are free and my favorite apps to date are Chess, IPWebcam, Opera Mini Browser, FaceBook App for Android, Gold Price Widget, CHikka and Space Shooter. All of these apps are free. I could nng of ot imagine how cheap these smartphone is. It is 10x more powerfull than my HP Ipaq 2210 and the bunch of accessories I bought and yet I have spent over 2000 US Dollars for that gadget way too expensive than the 120 US Dollars I spent for the Samsung Galaxy Y.

Just take a look of the power of this Android Phone is. In the picture, I had a laptop bag that I would carry if I want to bring my laptop with me if I want to take pictures of places and upload the pictures immediately for my friends to view and appreciate on the internet, but after buying the Samsung Galaxy Y, all I need to carry is a tiny Camera bag.
By the way, my HP Ipaq 2210 did not survived the Ondoy flooding.

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