Monday, January 21, 2013

LED Tv's should have built in batteries

Nowadays, LED Tv's have power ratings between 20Watts and 100Watts. At this power ratings, lithium ion batteries can easily power these devices. A 12AH Li-ion battery can easily run the 60W tv just like my ChangHong 29" LED Tv for at least 2 hours when fully charged but I would prefer the battery to be at least 20AH.. This would be a great power saving feature.

Just imagine, if your home is powered by solar energy, this would really be an excellent feature because I don't have to buy extra battery to power my tv. Another advantage of having an internal battery is power consumption and battery usage can be more efficient than using an external battery just like what I have observed in my power consumption using batteries to power my whole house.

So as a conclusion, a tv with a built-in battery is cool!

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