Sunday, December 22, 2013

Digital Compass during Sunday Midnight

I could not sleep last night so I kept myself busy by creating a simple breakout board of HMC5883L which is a low cost 3-axis Digital Compass. I thought it would keep me busy the whole night until the morning but I was wrong, it only took me less than an hour to finish the job.

Here's some picture of what I have done:
1. The 3D render from Kicad:

2. The back panel of the pcb. This image was produced upon submission to the fab:

3. The front panel of the pcb. This image was also produced upon submission to the fab:

 4. The pcb view from Kicad:

5. And finally the schematic diagram:
Sparkfun has similar breakout board and some features listed in their website is as follows:

  • Simple I2C interface
  • 2.16-3.6VDC supply range
  • Low current draw
  • 5 milli-gauss resolution
I did copied their breakout board but coincedintally, probably we have the same source, the ic's datasheet. I just followed  the Single Supply Reference Design provided in the datasheet.

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