Monday, December 23, 2013

I2C Sensors that can be combined on a small board

I discovered that there are several tiny sensors that can be combined together in a single pcb board. This is cool because these sensors requires only 2 pins which means you can add more devices when more pins are available. The scarcity of pins is a common problem of newbie electronic hobbyists. The other most common problem is the availability of space, the more the device that is connected requires bigger pcb, and the device can be as big as a normal personal computer already which does not makes sense if you want to carry your diy device around. And the coolest thing about these sensors is that they have very similar circuit implementation. So if you have read my previous about the Digital Compass, then it should not be hard for you to implement the other sensors.

My previous post used HMC5883L which is a low cost 3-axis Digital Compass. Aside from showing where you are facing, this is device can be used to control the direction of rotation of a motor without pressing a button.

If your goal is to create a device that can give you information like the current temperature, pressure and how high your location or how fast you are moving upward or downward then you need a BMP180 Digital Pressure Sensor. This is commonly used in rocketry or even in drones. It is also commonly used by explorers and mountaineers.

Another sensor that has many applications and can tell so much about your movement such as angle of inclination, how fast you are spinning and can tell you your orientation and this is the MPU6050, a MEMs 3-axix gyroscope and 3-axis accelerometer at the same time.

All three sensors(BMP180, HMC5883L and MPU6050) can be combined is a tiny pcb board with very minimal passive components. Here is the module:,Position,1-1,1

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