Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Status Update on my Portable Battery Bank

The batteries I ordered finally arrived. And so, this will let me finish my portable battery bank project. The batteries  ordered have the following specs:
  1. 3.7V 
  2. 2800mAH
1 battery is capable of charging my 7" android tablet 2 times or can be capable to power up my Arduino Digital Clock project for at least 5 days.
Here are some pictures of my project:

Each battery came in with an attached wire for positive and negative terminals for easy attachment and solderability to any diy projects. And I managed to quickly connect it to my 1Amp microUsb charger and my 500mAmp Usb DC-DC step up converter where I usually attach the device that I need to charge.

I tested my project for several days now and it performs just like what I have expected and I am so happy that it did just that.


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