Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Fully Automated Toll Road with Ibeacons

Toll road projects is a big hit in the Philippines because it prevents people from constructing various commercial buildings along the roadside and provides an almost very convenient long distance driving but I think this is not true all the time. With huge number of vehicles of all sizes, there are times(especially during holidays when people go to their respective provinces)when these toll roads experience monstrous traffic gridlock and this goes on for almost a day. I could not imagine how I will be spending the whole day and night on the road!

 Here's a quote from a famous columnist(read the full article here):
Secondly, the tollgates at exit points simply cannot possibly serve the huge volume of vehicles even over a 48-hour period. The waiting time to pass through exit tollgates was as long as 45 minutes each time. (Traveling through the 3 expressways today means having to pay through 3 exit toll stations).
The columnist identified what has caused that monstrous traffic jam and that is the huge number of vehicles that could not be served by the toll plaza even on an over 48-hour period. But I think, this could have been avoided if 100% of these vehicles were equipped with ibeacons. And an app could have been developed to automatically deduct the toll fee right after the vehicle entered the toll road zone.

Ibeacons can be used not just to collect toll fees, it can also be used to monitor the speed of each vehicle. And the best part of it all is the erasure of the human factor that may also have caused that problem. Just imagine how you can enjoy travelling the whole year round with the beautiful view of the countryside as your background. This really should make life a lot pleasurable and enjoyable which is the main goal and motivation of every inventor.

Here a sample view at TPLEX(Tarlac-Pangasinan-La Union):

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