Thursday, June 19, 2014

My Mobile Application Idea using Ibeacons

Micro location devices such as ibeacons are getting the right attention nowadays because these devices can truly make huge events in a large venue interactive making the event more organized and more enjoyable.Still, quite a number of people still don't know what ibeacons can do and what it can do to help them save time or enhance their experience.

Currently, a lot of new app design ideas have been coming out and I would like to share mine. I am not an expert in mobile app development but I think the concept is viable and can really help people who loves shopping or going out to buy some hard to find items.

Here's my idea:
  1. Before I go out of the house, I will list down the items I am going to buy on the app.
  2. I proceed to the mall where each shop has active ibeacons.
  3. While I am inside the mall, I open the app showing the list I created.
  4. I click on an item and immediately, the app will tell me which shop sells the item.
  5. I click the shop that sells the item to give me the exact location and tells me if there is an on going sales discounts or they're giving away freebies.
  6. Assuming it is so far away, so I will just send a message to the shop owner to just send the product to my current location and I will just click the "pay" button to pay for the product using my paypal.
  7. I will just wait for the product to be delivered while enjoying a cup of coffee.
The list are just high level outline of my idea, if I would dig a little deeper into the features, I would probably add these items into the list:
  • The list of enumerated shops must include the selling price so I could decide immediately from which shop should I buy. 
  • The search algorithm I would use in determining which shop sells the item is keyword based. But it would be a lot simpler if I would tell all the shop owners to have similar product code. For example, I intend to buy a laptop which has i7 octacore cpu, ips touch screen of at least 11". I would also include my budget and ideal casing. The app should use the keywords "i7 octacore cpu" "ips touch screen" and 11".
  • If I click on a product, it would show the typical brochure-like screen filled with useful information and at the button several widgets that shows the related items, the "people who bought this item also bought the following items", reviews and feed backs.  

With this app, I don't have to go each and every shop just to ask them if they have the item I am looking for.
This app can really be very helpful especially when you have a project and you will start looking for the components you need and shops are located far from each other and not to mention the extremely humid weather.

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  1. This is a great idea, and would really streamline the shopping process! I know at larger malls, it can become quite a burden to crawl through shop by shop looking for the right product. What about using ISBNs to look up products? I know that I look up what I’m going to buy before I go to the mall, so it wouldn’t be that hard to copy and paste an ISBN from an online site into the app.

    Caroline Matthews @ Mobility Help