Monday, October 6, 2014

Just another Ibeacon App Idea

You can not just let chance get you find it. I am quite sure that it is but natural to find or look for someone that is very much compatible to you somewhere. And you can increase further the probability of finding that someone with technology and perhaps ibeacon with a nice app for this purpose could be the best answer.

The Hardware
The hardware need not be expensive, find an ibeacon and configure it to describe your self. This is done by just renaming your personal ibeacon with your name. And of course a phone capable of receiving ibeacon signals. If you still don't have a pc, you can go to an internet cafe or you may use your phone as well.

The Software
An android or IOS app must not only be obviously installed in your phone but must also be installed in that special someone's phone in order for him or her to receive your message ans so do you. So the app must be opened all the time and the phone must be connected to the internet. If ever you get near that someone, the app will alert you and he/she as well. The alert should be like your picture should appear on his/her phone with 3 buttons that should allow both of you to either just ignore the alert, invite for a short chit chat, or just send a message.

This is a social networking app so there must be a website where you have registered and uploaded your picture and some personal information, the description of your special someone. The latter is very important because the android app will use it as basis for locating that special someone.

Someone can be very dishonest about their preferences so perhaps the web based application would use data mining to increase the accuracy of matching the perfect someone that you are looking for.

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