Saturday, October 25, 2014

The proper way of turning the HM-10 into Ibeacon

From my few days of testing of HM-10 as Ibeacon, I noticed that just by activating the ibeacon with the following AT command is not enough:

With this configuration alone, HM-10 will still be consuming its normal rated power which is
about :
Rated Power = 3.3V*8.5mAmp = 28.05mW
This would mean it would only take a few days to drain the 580mAH Lipoly battery with this configuration but of course, the broadcasting range is still be at the confirmed value of above 100meters.

But if your requirement is just for indoor use and would want it to consume much less power, here is the proper way to configure the BLE module but take note that the lesser power it consumes, the shorter the broadcasting range it becomes and for sure with this configuration, it can not go further than 10meters:

 With this configuration, the HM-10 BLE Module can drain the fully charged 580mah lipoly battery in 6 months.

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