Saturday, February 14, 2015

How to connect Ibeacon V2.0 to a PC with CP2104 USB 2.0 to TTL Converter

I have just came up with a new version of Ibeacon to replace the old ibeacon. Some improvements I made are the following:
  1. It is now thinner at 12mm external thickness down from 18mm thick and is shorter by 10mm. 
  2. The battery I used is the expensive Ipod Nano replacement battery because this battery is very durable, it will not be damaged even if I connect the CP2104 Usb 2.0 to TTL Converter. 
  3.  I have added a new on/off switch to avoid damaging the HM10 module while charging the battery.
  4. I have also rearranged the the position of the four pins used for charging the battery and configuring the Ibeacon.
Here is the new Ibeacon:


I am not done yet with the design of the casing but I will be updating this blog when I am done with it.

To connect the new ibeacon to CP2104 USB 2.0 to TTL Converter, you may do the following connection:

Tera Term is the software I am using to configure the Ibeacon and this is an excellent article about how to use the software Tera Term Guide from Sparkfun

Update: I have just finished my casing design and here it is:

The design is very basic bit looks nice when 3d printed. I nwill still; have to add some design to make look nicer. I was inspired by this very basic design:

Credit to the Owner

Here's the actual 3d printed casing:

The charger or docking station will be finished soon and here is the draft design:

The four holes will be for the slots for pogo pins and the final connector is a standard female(full size) usb.

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