Thursday, February 5, 2015

Vision Impaired Guiding Device with Text-to-Speech, Distance Sensing, Object Detection and Face Recognition

Persons with disabalities are often labeled as unproductive since they could no longer live on their own without the proper care and guidance of normal people. They either lack one or more of the six senses or some of their body parts are mutilated or not functioning properly. But nowadays, with the advancement in electronics and robotics, some of these people are now able perform those tasks that they can't perform because of their disabilities.

I too got an idea of helping those people who have problems in seeing the world which prevents them from crossing the street or seeing objects that they encounter and not able to see the shape, colors or even the name of the person that goes near them.

Object recognition, distance sensing, electronic compass, gps receivers, face detection and recognition, text-to-speech are already common technologies and when put together in one device that will be managed and controlled by coin sized but very powerful computer for the purpose of helping these people can be so easy.

With such device, blind people can now move independently and become a less burden if not a highly productive individual that can already compete with normal people.

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