Tuesday, November 24, 2015

A Desktop CNC is almost an all-in-one Machine

I have always been dreaming of a machine that can do almost anything I want it to do. For example, I want a fried chicken so all I have to do is put a live chicken into the machine and 1 minute later, it comes out as a perfectly cooked fried chicken. But of course this machine is still light years away from becoming a reality. But as an electronic hobbyist,this machine is almost a reality when it comes to creating an electronic device and this is the Desktop CNC Milling Machine.

The cnc machine can enable me to create a small fully functioning electronic device faster using the materials of my choice. For example, I need to create a robotic gripper, if I dont have this machine with me, I will have to take my file to a laser cutting service provider but it is very seldom that the service is reliable I had found one but they are very far and will not respond to emails which means I will have to go there personally to transact business and that still depends on the availability of their machines and another disadvantage is it will be a lot more expensive not to mention that the material is limited to acryllic. What if I want to use aluminum so the robotic gripper will never become a reality. And what if I made a simple error or need to do small adjustments? It can be worse if I am going to create devices that involves pcb. I really dont like the idea of using Ferric Chloride to get good results.

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