Sunday, January 3, 2016

Using Android Devices in Machine to Machine Communication

Would it be great to make your android device do something even when you are away from it? Or may be let it ring to let you find it with the use of another phone? This process is somewhat or maybe it is a full machine-to-machine communication application which is widely used in so many industrial applications today. 

Just recently, a lot of parents are very much concern with the whereabouts of their kids so they are forced to buy another security device to let them achieve this but these devices are often expensive and requires extra contract with the telcos to ensure reliability.

Nowadays, a lot of inexpensive android smartphones equipped with the latest OS and hardware but the only thing missing is a reliable app that would make these smartphones high tech device. So I thought I should create a simple app that screens incoming sms messages. If this app is able to receive a certain code which in this case is "Hello", it will automatically launch the camera app to take picture and display the thumb nail on the screen. This is just a demo program just to test whether my idea of making the android device do something even when you are away from it.

And I would suggest that this app can be enhanced further by adding Bluetooth communication with HM10 to control other devices in the house with so much ease. You may check my previous post here: More Fun with HM 10

You may download the source of the app here:

If I will have the time, I may combine the 2 apps.

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