Wednesday, April 20, 2016

CynBet EnerchipRTC is a Great Product for the DIYers

Space is so precious when designing an electronic gadget. Electronics Designers always looking for small components that would perform a whole task if not the major task. Another advantage of being small is that it consumes less energy.

I for one is constantly looking for small electronic components for my numerous DIY personal project and recently, I found the Cymbet Enerchip RTC which is a rtc(real time clock), battery, power management circuit packaged in 5mm x 5mm integrated chip(qfn) package. By the way, Cymbet is the supplier of Google Glass' battery requirements.

Although it is very small, I wonder why they did not included a 32kHz crystal, but having a builtin battery is more than enough to catch my attention. The chip came in 3 variant but personally, I prefer the CBC34803 because it uses I2C communication protocol and lasts up to 120hrs. Here is a typical circuit diagram of this chip:
Another nice feature of this system on chip is that if you are designing your own chip, the company also sells some of their products in wafer form, so like if you want to create your own arduino with builtin power supply can be possible, well who knows, maybe? LOL!

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