Friday, April 29, 2016

MAX30102 Heartbeat Sensor and Oximeter

A very common but most likely the most important feature of smartwatches that should make them useful and separates them from ordinary watches is the inclusion of sensors that measure rate of heart beat and blood oxygen level. I am not a health professional but as an ordinary folk, the data could be important. For example I could use the data make the color of the watch's screen respond to changes in my heartbeat patterns.

And again, while I was searching for simple circuits that I can use for my DiY Smartwatch, I was able to find the MAX30102 Heartbeat Sensor and Oximeter which I believe some of its variants were used in Samsung latest flagship smartphones. Below is its sample schematic diagram:

This can be a premium alternative to the one I found on ebay, a sparkfun clone product but very cost effective and working:
And with the schematic at hand, I could use thinner pcb and integrate other watch stuff like the rtc in one pcb which could make the watch thinner. The downside is since it will be developed from scratch, prototyping will be more difficult.

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