Thursday, April 28, 2016

Update on my DiY Smartwatch Project

Recently, I had been slowly researching for new add-ons for my SmartWatch Project. And here are the things I have in possession for the project:

1. I have 3d Printed the watch bezel and the result is very promising see picture below:

2. 6DOF MPU-6050 Module 3 Axis Gyroscope+Accelerometer,  Heart beat sensor and ESP-03 wifi module has arrived:

3. The 1.44" touch panel has arrived as well:
The hunt for touch panel was not an easy task. I have searched all over Metro Manila and I could not find this precious component, I have searched ebay, and nobody sells this item, so I tried alibaba there were some who sells similar product but too expensive and so I decided to buy a 1.44" lcd with touch panel and luckily, I was able to buy 7pcs at $10/pc + $30 shipping and $20 customs duties. I have chosen the 4-wire touch panel because Adafruit already has an existing arduino library so it would be easy to implement.

I also currently ask a pcb designer to do the rtc pcb design and currently, I have asked them to use 0201 packaging for all resistors and capacitors so that the whole module would fit into 8mmx8mm pcb and the initial design is here:
So far the rtc pcb design project cost is $35. I would have to order all parts from abroad including the pcb fabrication and the prototyping may cost over $100+ because if I order from digikey, shipping cost is pegged at $40 minimum.

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