Monday, December 19, 2016

My Thoughts of Building the Ultimate Robot ever

I had this passion as a kid to build the ultimate robot. But as a kid, I had no idea how to do it technically, but watching Transformers on tv, gives already an idea what is a robot, its a humalike being made of metals. I just dont know why kids like me get so fascinated by those fictions. In the real world we live in, robots may practically play important roles in our daily lives. I could just imagine if we can create robots with intelligence better than ours, daily traffic could be solved in an instant. Larger robots could be made to get important resources that our civilization needs from other planets in the solar system. And it is not a fiction that resources around our solar system is so huge, we may not need to struggle to survive anymore if we are able to get those resources.

In my own thoughts, at least where I can reach and afford, I would buy a 19 dof biped robot already assembled and working. Once I get it, I would begin developing a software that would manage the servo motors' movements. To explain briefly, i would implement an algorithim that would calculate the rotation of a series of servo motor shaft to get the tip into the desired location. I would be starting with INVERSE KINEMATICS to achieive this. I will also combine it with OpenCV to identify objects, distinguished between faces and track the objects' location. Add some more sensors and analyse data coming from these sensors using a number of data analytics algorithm that were adpoted from those being used in currency trading strategies like the bladerunner trade, daily finonacci pivot table, dual stochastic trade, etc. Those forex trading strategies are actually artificial inteligence algorithms.

Aside from inverse kinematics, my ideal robot should have gyroscope installed at each body joints where the servo is located. Gyroscope can give location of each joint in 3d space.

My conclusion, it is very much possible to create the ultimate robot to improve all of our lives.

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