Thursday, January 12, 2017

Assembling a Robotic Hand

Robotic Hand is one of the most important element in any robotics project. It is also an element that can be added to other robotic machines because most robotic machines are designed to pick up something and place it somewhere. It is also used to help people who lost their hands.

Ideally, the robotic hand can mimic the human hands and can be just as strong or as capable. The design can be influenced by currently available technologies that are for sale in the market and through my research, I found several robotic hand designs that can be just as good as the human hands, the bebionic 2 and the AR-10.

Both robotic hands used similar linear servo motor below:
These actuators are attached to the finger to control the movement of the joints.  The following robotic hand illustrates how the actuators were placed:
These linear servo motors have 3kg*cm holding torque, so  theoretically, each joint of the hand can move objects that weighs 3kg maximum.

Here is another illustration by an artist of an ideal robotic hand:

If you liked this linear servo motor, you can buy it at olx.

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