Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Creating Dust Hood on the Spindle

As I was waiting for some tasks to be handed over, I thought I could make use of the idle time by designing a dust hood attachment at the spindle. BTW, I am the one who created the Big Cnc Carver which on this blog Carver CnC. Like I said in my other posts, cnc machines can fill the whole place with dust and it is not healthy when enhaling wood/acrylic/aluminum dust. So I thought of creating a simple dust hood on the spindle. Why dust hood and not dust collection? Well basically, I preferred the dust hood which is only designed to prevent dusts from flying all over the place and just leave it settle on the material for manual vacuuming because vacs usually are very noisy and I live in a cramped neighborhood so I don't want to disturb my neighbors because of this loud noise, but I plan to remove the dust every 10 or 15 minutes.

Here is the Big Cnc Carver 5090 without the dust hood:

And this dust hood is my initial design:
The size is just good enough for the 52mm diameter spindle.

I am still working on the final design, but this should compliment the dust cover I am also currently designing for the cnc which is like below:

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