Sunday, December 2, 2012

The Peso in gaining temporary strength

When something keeps climbing and reaches the top, it will not go anywhere but down. This is mostly true in gold, currencies and stocks. Traders usually concentrates in determining the highest possible value and when this value is reached, that's the time that they start either selling or buying. This is another good way to earn money to buy new gadgets.

Lately, the peso is appreciating but this will be temporary and once it reaches its inflection point(a point where it starts to collapse), that is the best time to buy dollars. Just imagine if you have 1million dollars, and you bought this dollars at $1: Php35, and suddenly the peso loses its strength and value and reaches $1:Php50, then you will earn around Php15 million  with no sweat. And with Php15million, you can already buy a big house, a nice car, lots of expensive gadgets, etc, etc.

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