Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Another Effective Guide on How to Maximize the Use of Ibeacons

When trouble comes, there could be something wrong with what you're doing this is especially true for newbies. Ibeacons do sometimes have trouble but there will be some solutions to every unique problems encountered. Sometimes electronic devices fail to operate on certain conditions so these tips can be a good guide to ensure that ibeacons will not fail.

Q: My battery is 180mAH and I expect it to last 15 days but it wont even last for 1 day, what's the problem?
There are a number of reasons why this happens, try these
  1. Batteries of this size is very vulnerable to overcharging and frequent full discharging so avoid overcharging and full discharging the battery
  2. If it does not last for 1 day, see my article A Closer Look at How Ibeacons Consume Power. If you have followed the configuration in this article Configuring HM-10 to Support Over-the-Air(OTA) Update, then you should adjust the rated power transmission power to -23dB by invoking AT+POWE0
  3. If the problem still exists, try adjusting the advertising frequency to 1228mSeconds by invoking AT+ADVI9
  4. Make sure that it sleeps by invoking AT+SLEEP
  5. Enable the Ibeacon's security features AT+TYPE2 and AT+PASS000000("000000" is the default. You may change it to your preferred passkey
This is another informative tip on how to effectively use your ibeacons.

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