Friday, May 22, 2015

Configuring the Axaet Ibeacons

I have recently acquired several units of Axaet Ibeacons, the very colorful ibeacons with plastic shell casing available in different shapes. At first I thought the ibeacons were not working with the provided Ibeacon Management apps that I downloaded in the google playstore but through further reading and research, I have finally made it work. Here's how I made it work:

  1. I found the app by searching the google playstore using the keyword "axaet". There is only 1 app found so I downloaded and installed it immediately.
  2. I opened the app after installation.
  3. I turned on the ibeacon by pressing the function button for 3 seconds. The green led will light up for 2 seconds to indicate that the ibeacon has been turned on.
  4. I have to put the ibeacon into connectible mode by pressing the function button twice with  10ms intervals and long pressing it on the third time until the red led turns on for 2 seconds and after 1 second, the green led will turn on again.
  5. Press the clear screen button on the android app and wait  for the ibeacon to appear on the screen. "_n"  will be appended at the end of the ibeacon's name to signify that the ibeacon is in connectible mode.
  6. I just clicked on the connectible ibeacon and the screen that allows me to configure the ibeacon appears. At first the screen appeared as blank, but when I clicked the empty UUID text field, the current configuration values of the ibeacon I selected became visible instantly. 
  7. If I will click the other ibeacons, a popup message will appear telling me that I should make the ibeacon connectible.

Ideal Security Layer Implementation

The Axaet Ibeacons does not support Over-the-Air(OTA) update so it would be ideal to implement a spatial indexing algorithm, a programming algorithm designed specifically for location-aware devices.

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