Friday, May 29, 2015

HM-10 Over-the-Air Configuration Software from the Manufacturer

About 3 months ago, I attempted to test the available software provided by the manufacturer of HM-10 modules, and I failed to make it work but today, I tried to experiment with it and to my surprise, I was able to make it work! This probably because the software has been updated or it could be that my previous configuration of HM-10 was wrong, but I am quite sure that I used the same configuration as before.

The first step I did was used my configuration as indicated in my previous article(Configuring HM-10 to Support Over-the-Air(OTA) Update). Then, I downloaded the new apk from the manufacturer's website but I dont recommend downloading the software from there because they frequently update the files. Here is the apk file I used for my experiment and testing: And check the screentshots below as a result of my successful testing:

The Initial Screen. I pressed the search button. 
The app found my ibeacon, I had to tap the ibeacon to configure:
The configuration screen appeared, The initial status message is "connecting to ibeacon....", so I had to wait until it connects to the ibeacon. This is where my precious testing fails, the app could not connect to the ibeacon. But today, it mysteriously connected successfuly.
I tried to type "AT" on the input text and pressed the send button next to it, and the ibeacon responded "OK":

All AT commands should work with the software except those that will affect the ibeacon module's connectivity.

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  1. Do you by any chance know why, when I install this APK, it installs in Chinese? I don't even know if there's an option to change language, as there isn't a single string in English. It might be my phone, which is chinese, and although the menus and everything are in english, there might be some lang settings still in English... Thanks!!