Thursday, May 7, 2015

Top 5 Benefits for Students can get from Ibeacons

Students are like employed people busy building up their skills, preparing for an exam, collaborate with colleagues to work on a group project, or had to stay on the lab to help Professor X finish his latest bionic brain designs. They have to work hard in order to pass their subjects. With their busy lifestyle, there are still so many grunt works that needs their attention and there may be social events and promos that they might miss. These could be very important for every students to bond with friends and cement connections. Thank God, Ibeacon technology is here to make sure every important events at school is not missed. I think these are the following top 5 benefits for students can get from ibeacons:

1. Receiving notifications and reminders using location specific devices coupled with visually appealing apps can truly make schools interactive and will captivate the students' fascination which will increase the students' desire to learn.

2. Getting every students' preference can help School Administrators send relevant notifications. It can also help Guidance Councilors formulate better career guidance program for every students.

3. In the classrooms, attendance can be taken automatically as the student enters the classroom, students can request the teacher's assistance while doing some experiments, resulting in a much better teacher-student relationship.

4. As mentioned above, with the help of ibeacons, important social, organizational, and/or sporting events can never be missed by the students because they could receive relevant reminders and notifications related to such events.

5. A truly interactive game that can help students learn with the help of ibeacons can also be developed. The interactive game could be related to improving and honing the students' social skills, or help them develop interest in solving some of Math's unsolved problems.

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