Sunday, November 28, 2010

I Just bought a new wireless mouse

The old mouse I bought from CDR King has worn out after 3 months I bought it. It was cheap wired optical  mouse. I really did not know why it got busted (it still working but the left button is already hard to press. I have to press it 5x to click on something and is already affecting my productivity)but anyway, I am really planning to replace it with a wireless mouse.

So I went to Asianic(a computer shop that has branches in almost all SM Malls) and found this A4Tech wireless mouse. It looks ok, no wires, but it needs to be powered by 2 AAA batteries, a little more comfortable to hold on because it is heavier than my old mouse and I no longer have to click 5 times anything on the screen. Now that has really solved my problem.

It was a lazy weekend and I still have time to stroll around and I thought I should take some more random pictures of Metro Manila because I know that almost everyday went back to the provinces so the streets are almost empty. I have chosen Luneta Park because well, there is quite a number of scenic spots that is perfect for my Olympus T-100 digital camera.  Here are some of the pictures I took:

And after walking several kilometers taking pictures of the park, I got so hungry so I went to SM Mall of Asia to dine at Racks(I like famous ribs that is unique to RACKs and much better than Kenny Roger's and cheaper too).

Ooopppsss...I still have some left overs....but really...I enjoyed the meal.

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