Thursday, November 4, 2010

Random Pictures with my new Olympus T-100

Earlier today, I got the chance to take random pictures using my new Olympus T-100 digital camera. Like I said, I am not an expert in taking nice pictures and I did have the time to explore the most scenic spots in Metro Manila because of my day job but probably I will post some more pictures in this weekend.

I took some pictures of the clouds above me:

Then before I ate my dinner at PureGold Sn Mateo, Rizal:

And my new DVD Collections(all my VCD Collections were also destroyed by Ondoy):

I have also uploaded a sample video recording using my Olympus T-100 digital Camera while I was browsing my blog using my Samsung SyncMaster EX2020.

I took some more pictures yesterday.

While I am on my way to the office:

I also took a picture of the noodles I cooked for my dinner:

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