Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I need a big Screen!

After using my netbook for 3.5 months, I finally realized that I really need a big screen...but I am still short of my budget to enable me to buy a led lcd tv that normally costs at least Php 50,000. I saw a 32 inches Qube LCD TV that is full HD capable in the range of Php20,000. I can already afford it, but then it is not LED and it will be obsolete next year .  So I decided to walk around the numerous computer stores in Gilmore to check out the best LCD Screens.

After an hour of endless qerrying and scrutinizing, I settled for the 20" Samsung EX2020 LED LCD Screen and it cost me Php 7000 only. There is a newer version and slightly bigger (22") but it costs Php 15,000. It's a big difference but as I see from the computer shop's showroom, the image quality is the same so I just settled for the cheaper version.

It has been 3 weeks since I bought it and so far, I have no regrets. I enjoy watching high quality DVD and in 3 weeks time, I already bought 8 DVD movies.

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