Saturday, November 6, 2010

I watch cool movies with Bufallo Portable DVD

Watching movies is one of my favorite past times and since my Qube M1 Netbook does not have a built DVD, I forced myself to buy a new DVD portable player and I have chosen the Bufallo Portable DVD reader and writer. I did not really shopped around to see any other brand to compare the price, appearance and other features.

I have actually randomly picked it up because I am not really very particular and picky with this kind of gadget. I am supposed to just be contented with a VCD player but since the recovery disk that came along with my Qube M1 netbook was in DVD format so I am forced to buy a DVD reader/writer instead And after 2 months of using far, I have no regrets. Its black glossy appearance helps beautifies my computer table.

Some of the features of the Bufallo Portable DVD:
  • 8x DVD-R Read/Write
  • Ultra Slim Design
  • USB Bus Powered
  • Includes Cyberlink Data Writing software
I rarely use the DVD Burning feature of this gadget because I don't have much data to store permanently on a DVD. But who knows, probably in the future there could be a time when I really need to use it maybe. But for now, I am so happy that I am able to watch high quality movies with this gadget.

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