Friday, November 5, 2010

My Gadget Blog was indexed by Google very quickly!

I am not really good at search engine optimization(SEO) because aside from not having the time to do it, I am not into this kind of business. But I hear a lot of buzz about SEO lately so I did some searching on twitter where I had a few active friends involved in SEO. Yesterday, I checked several of my friends' tweets and found dgadgeteer's tweets to be promising. Here is what dgadgeteer tweeted that has drawn my curiousity:
How to get your blog indexed by Google quickly
I have never thought that such a thing exists in the first place so maybe it could help me drive targetted traffic to My Gadget Blog. And why not, it won't cost me anything and won't eat much of my time nor won't hurt me neither. But my only objective is to get my blog indexed by Google quickly. My Gadget Blog is very new(only 4 days old). So my experiment could be a very good proof that dgadgeteer's tweet is really true. One thing missing though is how do I find out if my blog has already been indexed by google and well maybe because that information is easy to find on the internet. All I have to do google the question "how do I know if my blog was indexed by google?" and the search results was very useful. I have clicked on the top spot which is an article in e-how and it was very informative. The article says all I have to do is google the phrase "site:". And yesterday, November 4, 2010 google returned nothing. Then forgot about it and proceeded with may day job activities.

So I did tried immediately what dgadgeteer said in his blog. I created this, and that...created and account in there and here...and walllahhh...after an hour I am done. And look at what happened today, November 5, 2010:

Wow, it was true! Dgadgeteer's tweet was true! My Gadget Blog was indexed by google within 24 hrs! Hahahaha!

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  1. Congratulations! I took me at least more than 1 week in one of my obscure blog to be indexed by Google.